Thora Arrives to Save the World in Fortnite

Thora Arrives to Save the World in Fortnite

When you fire up the Battle Royale mode in Epic's wildly popular game on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or mobile, you'll be greeted with a fresh selection of mini-quests to do so you can level up the Battle Pass and unlock some goodies. Are you getting through your weekly challenges?

The majority of the week's challenges can be accomplished by simply doing what comes natural to Fortnite players. In addition, the weapons large rounds deal increased damage to structures at 1050/1100. Your task this time is to search where the Stone Heads are looking.

You need to go to the large hill that overlooks Salty.

PS4 gamers are now seeing a Fortnite update 1.72 download pop up on their screens; however, the numbering is probably random.

If you would like to know what Android phones are supposed to be supported, here is the full list of non-Samsung devices from Epic's website.

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Epic Games launched a new update for Fortnite today that will have sniper experts excited. The first is called Soaring 50's, and it's just like a typical 50v50 match, only you'll be able to deploy your glider anytime you're in the air and more than 10m above ground. There's also a number of extra Bounce Pads around to get players airborne. Profile stats are not tracked in Soaring 50's, but they are tracked in the Sniper Shootout Limited-Time Mode, in which players do battle using the newly added Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Kicking things off with the new weapon, players will now have access to the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

If you're still trying to complete challenges from previous weeks, take a look at the links below, where you'll find guides on all of Season 5's hardest challenges.

New items, modes and cosmetics that are found in new patch notes tend to be added to the game within a week or two so expect to see Velocity in your playlists very soon!

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