Trump administration calls for 'Space Force' to be established by 2020

Trump administration calls for 'Space Force' to be established by 2020

On Tuesday, however, the Pentagon chief said he fully supported the idea of creating a new US Space Command. Now such issues largely fall under the Air Force.

But the calls for a separate military branch have been met with strong reluctance in some parts of the Pentagon amid concerns that it doesn't need the burdens of a new bureaucracy.

The Pentagon is moving ahead with President Trump's call to establish a "Space Force" as a potential sixth branch of the US armed forces, with top officials scrambling to tamp down reports of disagreement between military leaders and the White House ahead of a high-profile speech Thursday by Vice President Mike Pence.

When president John F. Kennedy delivered a speech in 1962 explaining why America was sending men to the Moon, he famously said, "There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in outer space as yet".

Just as advances in aviation technology drove the emergence of air as a new battlefield in the 20th century, advances in space technology have made it clear that space is the new battlefield for the 21st century, the vice president said.

Mr. Mattis added that he's been in close consultation with Mr. Pence, who heads the White House's National Space Council, and other top administration officials.

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Donald Trump has called for a "separate but equal" space force.

In a letter to a U.S. congressman, he said he did "not wish to add a separate service that would likely present a narrower and even parochial approach to space operations", adding it would create extra bureaucracy and cost. "However, going forward there probably will need to be an increase in resources to buy improved capabilities and more warfighters as the Space Force matures". Senate bill would set "stringent" oversight on North Korea talks Republicans top Dems at charity golf game Obstacles to Trump's "Space Force" could keep proposal grounded for now MORE (D-Tenn.) said.

U.S. Space Command will be responsible for directing the employment of the Space Force. Pence said the administration will create a single civilian position reporting to the secretary of defense to oversee the growth and expansion of the new branch. Space is vital to the way the United States wages war; The Pentagon's satellites are used for missile-defence warnings, guiding precision munitions, and providing communications and reconnaissance. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said in a memo previous year to Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, that he opposed "the creation of a new military service and additional organisational layers at a time when we are focused on reducing overhead and integrating joint warfighting functions".

Pence pointed to Russia's development of airborne lasers to disrupt space-based systems and China's successful demonstration of how a missile can track and destroy satellites. "But history proves that peace only comes through strength", he added.

At least one Twitter user is hoping Space Force can finally settle the flat-Earth debate by telling us what's on the other side.

"It is imperative that the United States adapts its policies, doctrine, and capabilities to protect our interests", the document states.

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