Trump Thanks Kanye Again: "He Is Willing To Tell The TRUTH"

Trump Thanks Kanye Again:

The rapper told Kimmel that when he initially came out in support of Trump, people tried to scare him into making a the predictable choice, but he wouldn't budge. "So I want to prove that you can get fat, you can say the wrong things, you can piss a f*cking city off".

American rapper Kayne West recently turned up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for an interview and chatted openly on a variety of topics.

But the jokes stopped when West brought up the backlash he faced when he threw his support behind Trump a few months ago. The Hip Hop community, they can't bully me because at that point if I'm afraid to be me, I'm no longer Ye. "That's what makes Ye", he told Kimmel.

Kimmel then asked if West was anxious about his wife privately meeting with Trump in the Oval Office to which West jokingly replied, "Well, he is a player".

In May, Kim Kardashian went to Washington to meet with President Trump, successfully convincing him to grant clemency to drug offender Alice Marie Johnson, who served over 20 years in prison.

Thank you @jimmykimmel for saying what I was hoping you would!

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His thoughts also touched on Galileo being an iconoclast and meandered to "I've never heard of a class that breaks down how you balance a checkbook", and about how people are all "unpaid actors in some giant script that we didn't write". West first announced that support by tweeting a photo of himself wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

"I feel dragon energy in the air", Kimmel said during his monologue, referring to his upcoming interview with West later in the show.

"When I see people just even like go at the president, it's like, why not try love?" he said. One person wrote in response to Donald's tweet, "Is that why Kanye was dumbfounded & unable to respond when Jimmy Kimmel asked, "You so famously and powerfully said George Bush doesn't care about black people..."

But West's appearance was not all positive for the president.

"No, I still look at Pornhub", West answered. I'll say it on real TV.

West and Jimmy Kimmel covered a slew of different topics in the nearly 21-minute interview.

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