Free Beer: Browns’ Win Unlocks ‘Victory Fridges’ Around Cleveland

Free Beer: Browns’ Win Unlocks ‘Victory Fridges’ Around Cleveland

After the win, Browns fans took to the streets to celebrate the first win for the franchise in almost two years.

Prior to the season, Bud Light installed "Victory Fridges" full of beer that would automatically unlock when the Browns won their first regular season game. "Stay calm. GO BROWNS!" the police wrote on Twitter.

So there was the 34-year-old general manager of Barley House on Thursday night, perched in the deejay booth before a crowded house, pressing a button to activate the Carbon dioxide smoke machine after every big defensive play in the final frantic seconds of the first Browns' win in 635 days. We hope Browns fans have a blast celebrating this victory tonight.

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It's Baker Mayfield time in Cleveland.

Some fans even argue that the Browns have their own rally animal and that the possum one fan caught in the stands Thursday night needs to be at every game from now on.

"This fan base has stuck beside their team through it all so we're happy to supply some celebratory beers from the Bud Light Victory Fridges that are now unlocked".

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