Macron Says Pro-Brexit Politicians 'Liars', Rejects May 'Chequers' Plan

Macron Says Pro-Brexit Politicians 'Liars', Rejects May 'Chequers' Plan

Let me be clear, my cabinet and I stayed up all night hammering out this plan.

"What we need in the withdrawal agreement is a legally operational backstop which fulls respects the territorial integrity of the UK".

"I welcome the fact that Michel Barnier is recognizing the need to find a new solution".

"We have come a long way already on the exit agreement. we still have a lot of work to do on the future relationship", she said.

"Everybody shared the view that while there are positive elements in the Chequers proposal, the suggested framework for economic co-operation will not work, not least because it is undermining the single market", he said at the conclusion of the two-day meeting.

There is a lack of details so far but it is reported that May is to insist to the European Union that any solution to the Irish border issue must be UK-wide.

If this new support was evenly distributed across constituencies - which is very unlikely - the extra 2,400 votes per area would win Labour about 66 more seats in all, just enough for a majority if other seats were not lost, based on the 2017 election. There is even a chance in October. but we'll see.

London and Brussels had originally said they wanted an agreement by October's European Union summit, but after months of stalled progress, Tusk suggested holding another one in November to clinch the agreement. It was easy to forget that Salzburg wasn't a negotiating session but a platform for grandstanding.

This is simply unpalatable to Theresa May's government and May's spokesperson rejected Barnier's overtures on this sticking point.

There is no way she can get her "no deal" through Parliament. She was shaking and furious.

But campaigners for a second referendum claim that it's not too late to "think again" about Brexit - and pointed out several ways a new "People's Vote" could happen. A German style grand coalition led by Jeremy Hunt, Phil Hammond or Sajid Javid?

There are fears it could take an hour to process a lorry after Brexit
There are fears it could take an hour to process a lorry after Brexit

Emmanuel Macron has branded Brexiteers "liars who quit the next day" in an extraordinary outburst... but did he take his inspiration from this archive James O'Brien clip?

The prime minister's key message will be that her team could never accept a "backstop" that resulted in Northern Ireland having different customs arrangements to the rest of the UK.

"We all agreed on this today, the proposals in their current state are not acceptable, especially on the economic side of it".

At dinner at the Felsenreitschule theatre - known to film fans for a scene in the musical "The Sound of Music" - May was due to make another pitch for support for her Chequers plan.

It appears the EU27 didn't get the "Save Theresa from Conference" memo.

Mr Barnier's latest proposal indicates the European Union could be more open to considering technological solutions to managing the Irish border.

It's the only credible and negotiable plan on the table that delivers no hard border in Northern Ireland and also delivers on the vote of the British people.

And the two sides are also yet to agree on the precise terms of the "backstop" for Northern Ireland, which would force the United Kingdom to align its trade laws with Europe's if it can not solve the problem of the Irish border.

"If the political will is there on the other side I am confident we will reach a deal which is in the EU's interests as well as the UK's", she said.

Tariffs of 10 percent under World Trade Organization rules would add an average of 3,000 euros to the cost of British-built cars sold in the EU if fully passed on to buyers, and 1,700 euros to the cost of a European vehicle imported into Britain, the SMMT said.

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