Rock slide in Zakynthos, one woman injured, three feared missing

Greek rescuers have been searching the beach, which was packed at the time, for possible victims after the landslide left at least one woman injured.

The video, posted on the island's official Twitter account, shows a large chunk of the cliff face falling as tourists below scatter.

Video footage shows beach-goers running in panic as part of a cliff peels off the rock wall at the end of Navagio beach, tumbling to the sand. The videographers no doubt ran when they realised what was happening. The woman's husband and two children were hospitalized with minor injuries.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Josh O'Connell, 21, of Kilkenny, Ireland works for a local tour company and described the terrifying scene.

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O'Connell described the piece of rock that fell as being as big as a four-storey building, crashing down onto the beach.

"The water hit my feet with such force that it knocked me on to my back and covered over half of the beach".

The rock's weight drove waves on to the crowded beach, Mr O'Connell said, as families scrambled to safety. Meanwhile, some boats were capsizing in the strong waves.

There were no people missing but authorities had air and sea assets in the area and were conducting a search as a precaution, in case people were trapped under the rocks, one official said. It is surrounded by steep cliffs and can only be reached by boat but thousands of tourists each year make the journey to visit it.

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