Storm-ravaged Carolinas brace for even more Florence flooding

Storm-ravaged Carolinas brace for even more Florence flooding

Florence has claimed eight lives in SC thus far, and flooding is expected to worsen later this week and into next.

"The biggest risk is burying your head in the sand and not understanding your exposure", he said.

Access improved at least temporarily to Wilmington, a North Carolina port city of 120,000 that has been isolated for days by high water.

A closeup of floodwaters aftermath of Hurricane Florence is seen in this satellite image over the area surrounding Wallace, North Carolina, U.S., September 20, 2018.

After the press conference began, Trump insisted someone pull up a chair for South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to give him a seat at the table, prompting laughs from the officials gathered to address the devastating impact of the storm. They also warned people to not get caught off guard as rivers that briefly receded were periodically rising back.

"This is an epic storm that is still continuing", Cooper said.

The reason is that climate change is warming the Arctic much more than it is heating up the Tropics, easing the pressure difference between the two, he said in an interview on Wednesday.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan surveys flooding and damage from Hurricane Florence during a helicopter ride from Raleigh to Wilmington N.C. on Wednesday. Buchanan also assisted after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
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North Carolina farms lost an estimated 3.4 million poultry birds and 5,500 pigs, the state Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services said.

He also joked with a family who had a large yacht they didn't own wash up against their house. The department says it is dispatching inspectors to start assessing damage and ensure food safety. The water appeared to stop rising in Nichols, but the town of 360 was nearly entirely submerged for the second time in three years. It is frequently pictures from friends who are rescuers riding boats in town.

"It doesn't look good".

During a packed day, a wind-breaker-clad Trump visited both North and SC, distributed meals at a church, walked amid piles of sodden furniture in damaged neighborhoods, offered hugs and handshakes to residents and discussed the response efforts with local and state officials. "I am heartbroken", she wrote in a text. One man had time to build a 6-foot-high (1.8-meter) dirt berm around his house. Rental trucks and flatbeds whisked furniture and valuables out of homes that were still dry in Conway. He advised people to stay off the flooded roads, even ones with only a few inches of water on them, and to not drive at all if possible, because a road could be swept away "in a matter of minutes".

In Conway, S.C., he walked through a neighbourhood where a street was under water. The city of Georgetown on Friday will hand out 15,000 sandbags as the county develops plans to evacuate residents.

"This was an unprecedented storm with flooding expected to exceed that from any other storms in recent memory", Troxler said in a statement.

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