Fracking due to begin at Lancashire site UK News

Fracking due to begin at Lancashire site UK News

"We'll be monitoring the site 24 hours a day".

Friends of the Earth fracking campaigner Jamie Peters commented: "Today's court ruling is sad news for local residents who've long fought against this dirty industry and the risks it poses to their environment and the climate".

It's been reported that two protesters from the group Reclaim the Power chained themselves in the road adjacent to the site at around 7 am on Monday morning. It is definitely not over, it has just got serious.

Protester Ginette Evans said Monday: "The fight's just really started".

Fracking has restarted in the United Kingdom for the first time since 2011, as the UK-based energy firm Cuadrilla kicked off a three-month exploration process on Preston New Road in the northern English county of Lancashire.

She added: "I'm gutted really".

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Justin Vanparys, 47, from Blackburn, said: "Fossil fuels should stay in the ground".

The company had hoped to start work at the site on Saturday but this was delayed by the effects of Storm Callum.

"Those that protest against shale gas maintain that it has no "social licence to operate" and the that Government is forcing it through at the expense of local democracy". In response to the IPCC's latest report on climate change and the action required, Perry said there was "no excuse" for failing to act, a statement that has prompted claims of hypocrisy from those opposed to fracking.

"Everyone in the industry, as well as the Conservative Government, will now be holding their breath and hoping that nothing goes wrong as the pumps roar and water, sand, and chemicals are forced deep underground at high pressure to force small cracks in the shale to release the gas", Bradshaw said.

"If commercially recoverable, this will displace costly imported gas with lower emissions, significant economic benefit and better security of energy supply for the United Kingdom".

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