Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show: Smart Display Showdown

Other lights, like Sengled's smart bulbs and those from Philips Hue require you to use their own Hub to connect the lights to, and then you connect that to your other smart home gear like the Home Mini or Echo Dot. October 18 is the first day that consumers can get their hands on a device, but according to Google's own store page at checkout, those who did not already order will have to wait an extra few days.

Google made a decision to not include a camera on Google Home Hub, so you feel comfortable placing it your home, like the bedroom. Essentially, Google is providing an aggregation of your smart home devices in a simple, pleasing arrangement so you can adjust the environment easily with a touch. We already know that Google's offering features a swipe-down gesture that brings up a "home view" control panel that now isn't found on the third-party devices.

Google's Home Hub is running on the cast platform instead of Android Things like other Smart Displays.

Notably, the support page also suggests that users can now ask Google Home to read news about a topic, for example "Listen to news about North Korea", or "Play the latest on Donald Trump". As you can see from the image above, you can use it to guide you through cooking something.

We will hopefully know the answers to these questions before Google ships the Home Hub near the end of this month.

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Google Home Hub measures 67mm (D) x 178.5 (W) x 118 (H) and weighs 480g. Google Photos automatically adds new photos, avoiding duplicates and blurry shots, and you can share your live album, so when that person sets up their Home Hub, they'll see your album. But for the most used common actions, all you need now is the new Google Home app.

Google Home Hub doubles as a photo frame.

GoogleHow does Google Home Hub work? From a hardware standpoint, this is still just a Google Home speaker with a screen, not that different from Lenovo and JBL's first swing at the segment. The idea is to remove what Google calls the "billboard effect" where your eyes are drawn to the brightness of the display in a dim room. It means customers can put the Home Hub anywhere, like a bedside table, without worrying about a security flaw exposing that room to the world. Did I want to see a Google hub with Zigbee and/or Z-Wave radios?

GoogleWhen will Google Home Hub be available?

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