Google Maps improves real-time journey sharing

Google Maps improves real-time journey sharing

This will also bring up a list of third-party apps that can be used to send your ETA to contacts, making it simpler to share your location.

While sharing live locations has been available on the Google Maps app for both Android and iOS since last year, the ability to share your ETA with friends and family was introduced on the Android app in August this year. With it, Google Maps users on iOS can share their live location with contacts in real time, enabling others to see their ETA without waiting for manual updates. You'll be able to share via Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, and more. Today they are rolling out an enhancement to their location/trip/'journey sharing' feature that makes sharing each trip quick and easy right from the navigation interface. In the same way, parents can take a look at their teen's ride to make sure the auto is going to the proper destination.

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The feature also provides hand-free access for individuals awaiting another person's arrival. Once you've reached your destination, location sharing will be turned off. Plus, trip sharing works on iOS just in case you should ever find yourself holding an iPhone for some reason.

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