IOS 12 already running on 50 percent of Apple mobile devices

IOS 12 already running on 50 percent of Apple mobile devices

Apple has been spending money left and right to pick up a slew of original programming in an effort to become another contender in the streaming service industry.

Apple's second original TV show, Carpool Karaoke, is already available for free via the TV app.

Apple is betting big on its new digital media strategy with a new TV app. There'll also be paid subscriptions available to services like HBO, which seems a bit pointless except for not having to separately download the HBO app.

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We've long known that Apple is working on original TV content. The TV application will come pre-installed on Apple devices. As usual, Apple's mobile software is very rapidly adopted by consumers who own its products, in a stark contrast to Android, where an update needs to go through the company making the specific phone you have after it's been released by Google for its devices (which aren't selling in high enough numbers to make an impact in the charts).

The service's Apple-produced content will be free to Apple device owners, while the subscription "channels" (such as HBO in the US) that sit next to it in Apple's TV app will allow users to subscribe to them.

While many streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a back catalog of third-party content, it's the original content the streaming services produce that is seen as the reason a customer chooses one service over the other. That means those channels will no longer have apps on the Apple TV home screen, which will make the interface a little less cluttered and hopefully make it a little easier to find the content you want to watch without sorting through all the apps. A revamped app will debut early next year. The company now offers "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" for free to all users of the TV app. We'll just have to be patient until Apple makes an announcement.

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