Malaysia hailed over plans to abolish death penalty

Malaysia hailed over plans to abolish death penalty

"Full stop. Since we are abolishing the sentence, all executions should not be carried out", he said.

He said with the government's move in abolishing the death penalty, the Pardons Board will now be tasked at looking into the position of death row convicts, which would either see their sentences commuted or released.

It looks like we may soon get rid of the death penalty and other extreme laws, after all.

19 prisoners are now on death row but due to lack of infrastructure and capacity, PNG is still not ready to implement capital punishment.

"There is no time to waste - the death penalty should have been consigned to the history books long ago".

In Malaysia, death penalty is a mandatory punishment for murder, drug trafficking, treason, and waging war against the YDPA.

The moratorium on the death penalty would save, among others, two women accused of assassinating the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a year ago.

A Malaysian court a year ago ruled the case could proceed against Indonesian national Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam after Kim Jong Nam's murder at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

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The African Christian Democratic Party has promoted capital punishment as part of its policy.

Malaysia's new government said it will abolish the death penalty for all crimes and halt all pending executions, a rare move against capital punishment in Asia that human rights groups hailed Thursday as a major advance.

The penalty is exclusively carried out by hanging in Malaysia - a legacy of British colonial rule. An example would be drug-related cases whereby due consideration should to be given to drug mules (currently tried under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, which carries the mandatory death sentence) as opposed to those who were found guilty of a more serious crime.

A total of 1,267 prisoners are on death row, making up 2.7 per cent of the 60,000-strong prison population. It is a celebration organized by the World Coalition Against The Death Penalty, a group made up of 38 human rights organisations, regional authorities, bar associations and trade unions.

However, Liew said that if their sentence is commuted then the inmates will have to face life imprisonment because they have been the cause of several deaths, which is why they were given the death penalty in the first place.

There were 993 executions recorded in 2017 in 23 countries, but Amnesty's numbers do not include the "thousands" it says are believed to have been executed in China, which classifies this information as a state secret.

"Our view is that executions should not be carried out".

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