Mobile Phones: Razer Phone 2 brings faster performance, Razer Chroma

Mobile Phones: Razer Phone 2 brings faster performance, Razer Chroma

This new device will be coming with a 5.72-inch Quad HD 120 Hz UltraMotion display as promised earlier, which will be delivering the fastest refresh rates and smooth graphics which will be suitable for gaming. Performance will also be improved because of the presence of Razer vapor chamber cooling system that provides thermal cooling. We are glad that Razer is calling its piping this, and not a "liquid cooling system" as most other brands do.

A transparent Razer Phone 2 actually seems like a great fit, allowing Razer to maintain its rugged and functional design while adding some visual differentiation through visible internals. How much for this wide-eyed gamer's puppy? A 4,000mAh battery promised to give the Razer Phone 2 enough juice for extended bouts of mobile gaming. Now it can display images up to 50 per cent brighter than before and sports a Wide Colour Gamut.

A single front-facing camera is present on the product that is 8-megapixels.

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The wireless charging and IP67 rated water resistance add a nice touch to overall usability too. The Razer Phone 2 tries to correct that by bumping up the brightness all the way to 580 nits, which is an improvement of almost 50 per cent over the Razer Phone. On the topic of audio, Razer includes a 24-bit USB-C DAC. The dual-camera setup found on the phone with optical image stabilization and a 2x zoom thanks to the second telephoto lens will certainly be an improvement. The company is, however, introducing a new logo on the back of the device that supports its Chroma lighting system and lights up, glowing in up to 16.8 million colors. Razer will initially offer a high-gloss finish on the back glass, along with a matte finish that will accompany the larger internal storage option later this year.

The biggest letdown is arguably that the Razer Phone 2 is launching with Android 8.1 (with Nova Launcher) rather than Android Pie, though Razer says it is working on an update to Pie that will come later.

The Razer Phone 2 will be available for $799 in Mirror Black and in a Satin Black variant (will be available in Q4), in USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Just a few days ago, Google unveiled the Pixel 3 phones, practically confirming every rumor that we heard in the past few months.

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