Not exercising worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease

Not exercising worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease

A new study reveals that not exercising is deadlier for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease.

To find the association between all-cause mortality and cardiorespiratory health in patients undergoing treadmill testing, researchers studied 122,007 patients between January 1, 1991 up to December 31, 2014, and divided them into five performance groups or levels of fitness. Researchers analyzed mortality rates among volunteers, their history of disease and overall physical condition. 'We've never seen something as pronounced as this and as objective as this.' The researchers insist that a sedentary lifestyle should be seen like a disease, with the obvious treatment being exercise.

In fact, the study claims not exercising might be more harmful to your health than smoking.

The researchers noted that whole people of all ages and both genders benefitted from exercise, women benefited more than men.

It is important to note that the study analyzed findings over a large population, and individual patients should always check with their healthcare provider before starting an exercise program.

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"It should be treated nearly as a disease that has a prescription, which is called exercise", he said. The risk of dying was twice as much among those who fared poorly on the treadmill compared to those who had kidney failure on dialysis.

"There is no level of exercise or fitness that exposes you to risk", he said.

"Cardiorespiratory fitness is inversely associated with long-term mortality with no observed upper limit of benefit", the study says.

Comparing those with a sedentary lifestyle to the top exercise performers, he said, the risk associated with death is "500 percent higher". "Extremely high aerobic fitness was associated with the greatest survival and was associated with benefit in older patients and those with hypertension". In those over the age of 70, elite performers had a almost 30 percent reduced risk of mortality compared to high performers.

Meanwhile, those that didn't do well on the treadmill test were said to have nearly two times the health risks as those with kidney failure on dialysis. "We're meant to walk, run, exercise". Although people have their own choices when it comes to their exercise routines, what's important is that they get their body moving.

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