People's Vote March: Kent protestors to join thousands in London

People's Vote March: Kent protestors to join thousands in London

"People's vote!" as they marched, while others shouted "Hey hey Theresa May - immigrants are here to stay" and "Exit Brexit".

'As Mayor of London, I am proud to welcome everyone joining the March for the Future and to add my voice to the calls for a public vote'.

John Longworth, Co-Chairman of Leave Means Leave, debated the People's Vote march with Gina Miller, as hundreds and thousands of people are expected to travel to London to demand another Brexit vote.

As the March 29, 2019 deadline when Britain officially leaves the European Union draws ever closer, the twists and turns in negotiations have the general public divided, investors and businesses anxious and the volatile pound weaker.

Theresa May visited an arts exhibition in her constituency of Maidenhead today while anti-Brexit protesters gathered for the People's Vote march. The police did not provide an independent estimate of numbers participating.

The British public voted to leave the European Union by a margin of almost 52% to just over 48% in the June 2016 referendum. Members of parliament from all the main political parties are also set to join the march. Pro-Brexit politicians in Britain, however, saw it as an attempt to bind the country to the bloc indefinitely.

May has ruled out any demand for a second referendum while continuing to negotiate with Brussels for the past few months. They have no faith in the government to deliver the promises that were made in 2016 partly because they cannot be delivered because they never could be.

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Brexit supporters say a second referendum would trigger a major constitutional crisis.

Until now, May has insisted that a legal guarantee to ensure no new border emerges on the island of Ireland should be strictly limited in time, to avoid delaying the U.K.'s departure and to ensure the country is free from European Union customs rules to strike its own trade deals.

Brendan Heading, a 39-year-old IT worker, said he was anxious the decision to leave the European Union would damage the economy and could lead to the break up of the United Kingdom.

Marchers weaved through London towards Westminster, with many young men and women who arrived from all over the country who had been too young to vote in the original EU Referendum but would like a say on how and whether the United Kingdom leaves the EU when the consequences become apparent to their generation and future ones.

There is a huge amount of anger out there amongst people who voted Leave, because what the people of the losers vote are trying to do here, because it is only the losers in the last referendum who want another vote, is to reverse the democratic will of the people. "There'll be no second referendum".

"People need to be under no illusions as to how people feel about what is a significant potential for a total betrayal of democracy in this country".

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