President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Nevada

President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Nevada

Earlier, before the rally, Trump tweeted the Democrats are "being obstructionists" towards the immigration policies and suggested that if they were to come together with Republicans to write up the new laws, it would take "less than one hour".

"Here in Nevada, personal incomes have reached an all-time high, congratulations", Trump said.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden spoke during a rally at the Culinary Workers Union Hall Local 226 in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Trump mentioned the proposed tax cut in the same week the US government ended the 2018 fiscal year with a $779 billion deficit, the Treasury Department said on Monday, as previous Republican-led tax cuts squeezed revenues.

The GOP-leaning region of the battleground state is crucial to Trump's hopes of protecting or expanding Republicans' 51-49 edge in the Senate.

"Democrats want the caravan, they like the caravan", he said, accusing Democrats of wanting to give welfare and health care to illegal immigrants. "Not looking like a blue wave".

Senator Dean Heller is running for reelection against Democrat Jacky Rosen, who tweeted in response to the President, "Dean Heller is 'all about #MAGA.' I'm all about Nevada".

Trump also accuses Democrats of backing an "extremist immigration agenda" and claims that he's "already figured out" how to solve the complex issue of immigration, though he's giving no details.

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"Open up! It's the Proud Boys in here", one person says, referring to the far-right hate group involved in a brawl in Manhattan last weekend. "I think I'll keep it a little bit low-key until the election".

President Donald Trump has said he is considering a "major tax cut" for middle-income earners that he may announce just days before crucial midterm elections that will determine control of Congress.

He says America built some of the "greatest alliances in literally the history of the world" over the past 70 years.

But Heller himself once had rocky relations with Trump and had returned a campaign donation from then-candidate Trump over Trump's immigration rhetoric.

He also said he didn't regret praising a Montana congressman a day earlier for assaulting a reporter a year ago.

Heller is the only Republican senator seeking re-election in a state Democrat Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

Rosen is seen as one of Democrats' best chances to wrest a Senate seat from Republicans on Election Day.

The 75-year-old former DE senator, two-time candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, vice-president to Barack Obama and frontrunner among possible 2020 candidates was speaking in support of Jacky Rosen, who is in a tight Senate race with the Republican Dean Heller.

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