Theresa May dances to 'Dancing Queen' to open her conference speech

Theresa May dances to 'Dancing Queen' to open her conference speech

Her address comes after her former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made a scathing speech yesterday calling on the United Kingdom government to "chuck Chequers" at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been using her political career as a Trojan Horse to sneak "the robot" dance move back into society (because really what other reason could there be?) - and here's all the proof you need.

The Prime Minister opted for a more lively entrance as she danced her way onto stage at the Tory Party conference.

As she walked on stage Theresa May did a little jig to - wait for it - "Dancing Queen". She's dancing again. Oh Lord!

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But what has undoubtedly gathered the most attention of late is her dance moves.

She also joked about her disastrous speech at last year's conference in which she couldn't stop coughing and a sign fell behind her.

She said of her recent dancing: 'The children were so enthusiastic about the dancing and I thought it was important to join in. Well aware of her limited dancing skills, she made everyone laugh at her own expense as she was seen swaying along the tunes of ABBA's Dancing Queen.

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