Trump puts migrant caravan at centre of midterm elections

Trump puts migrant caravan at centre of midterm elections

Once they're processed, the migrants are being bused to an open-air, metal-roofed fairground in the city of Tapachula.

The women ran forward when immigration officers unchained a gate that had been pinning back migrants at the crossing.

Twenty-year-old Scarleth Cruz hoisted a crying, sweat-soaked baby girl above the crowd.

Shortly afterwards, Guatemala's government tweeted that Hernandez would meet Morales on Saturday in Guatemala City to implement a strategy for returning the Honduran migrants.

"Before taking decisions of that kind", Videgaray said, "there would be many people in the United States. who would consider the consequences". Trump claims there are criminals among the migrants and is urging Mexico "in the strongest terms" to stop them.

Many have been given food and shelter by Guatemalans along their way.

At least a dozen migrants stuck on the bridge jumped into the Suchiate River below.

But about 3,000 migrants broke down fences so they could improperly enter the country without permission. They were rafted to safety in on the Mexican bank.

In April, Mexican immigration officials had some success in dispersing a smaller caravan by processing many who chose to seek refugee status in Mexico, but some did continue on to the us border. "From here, there's no turning back", he said.

Jose Porfirio Orellana, a 47-year-old acorn and bean farmer from Yoro province in Honduras, said he hopes to reach the United States due to woeful economic conditions in his country.

"On Thursdays I paid the 18th Street gang, and on Saturday the MS-13", Aguilar said. "Three hundred lempiras per day" - about $12.50, a significant amount in low-wage Honduras.

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Two busloads of those police were visible on the Mexican side of the bridge from Tecun Uman Thursday. Local women brought water for the migrants to bathe.

On Thursday, the Mexican government asked the United Nations Refugee Agency for help in assisting migrants filing for refugee protection at the border, as Mr. Trump threatened to deploy the USA military and close the southern US border with Mexico if it doesn't stop what he described as an "onslaught" of migrants. "It's not going to happen", Trump told the press in Arizona. "These are tough, tough people and I don't want them in our country". But as of this moment, I thank Mexico. If that doesn't work out, we're calling up the military-not the [National] Guard. "They're not coming into this country".

The migrants, whose numbers include children and elderly people, say they are simply trying to escape violence and poverty.

After his tweeted threats to cut foreign aid payments to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador apparently failed to affect the massive caravan marching toward the U.S., President Trump ramped up the rhetoric and included a new target: Mexico.

Migrants who want to apply for refuge in Mexico were welcome to do so, they said, but any who decide to cross illegally and are caught will be detained and deported.

"Mexico does not permit and will not permit entry into its territory in an irregular fashion, much less in a violent fashion", he said.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández said via Twitter on October 19 that he had asked permission from Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales to send Honduran civil protection personnel to the bridge to help the migrants.

Recent interviews with migrants underscored just how organized smugglers and organizers are with the help of social media apps - from Facebook to WhatsApp - making it easier to organize the exodus of people who, citing safety concerns, prefer to move in large groups.

"May Trump's heart be touched so he lets us through", Rodriguez said.

Eric Lagos Rodriguez from Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, and his family turned themselves over to authorities to apply.

Thousands of migrants are about to be at Mexico's doorstep.

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