Trump scheduled to visit Florida Panhandle after Hurricane Michael

Trump scheduled to visit Florida Panhandle after Hurricane Michael

It was announced late on Sunday that he declared a state of emergency in Georgia, freeing up federal resources for the state.

Search and rescue teams found a body on Friday in Mexico Beach, a Florida Panhandle town almost wiped out by Hurricane Michael, as authorities said there was little doubt the toll would rise further.

But the electric utility said it will take longer for downtown Panama City and other towns closer to where Michael roared onshore.

"If we lose only one life, to me that's going to be a miracle", Mexico Beach Mayor Al Cathey told local media.

Three days after the monster storm, with rescue workers cutting through hulking debris piles in search of survivors, residents formed long lines outside fire stations, schools and Salvation Army food trucks to collect bottled water and ready-to-eat meals.

A framed portrait of Jesus was propped Sunday facing out of the window of Diana Hughes' home in Mexico Beach.

Her husband, Steven, was killed when an oak tree smashed their home in Gretna, Florida, and landed on top of him.

Hours after the storm left her home in ruins, Gayle Sweet refused to leave.

"We're learning painfully that we shouldn't be doing those kinds of exemptions", said Don Brown, a former legislator from the Panhandle who now sits on the Florida Building Commission.

Authorities have set up distribution centers to dole out food and water to victims. "We need food. It's just insane".

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Mexico Beach and Panama City, two Florida towns, were almost flattened, and that could raise the death toll further.

Meanwhile, 750,000 homes and businesses continue to be without power in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. We know that people are coming, but where are they? He said he didn't want to leave his collection of Gone with the Wind dishes and antique dolls. There was this whole notion that the trees were going to help us, take the wind out of the storm. "There was a girl that had trapped horses, horses that were down, and horses that really needed vet care that could not get there".

Southeast of Mexico Beach, a 42-person search-and-rescue team from Central Florida and two search dogs have been working in Port St. Joe since Thursday.

In Mexico Beach, federal officials say the damage is some of the worst they have ever seen, with homes ripped apart and people's belongings destroyed. Official said someone from another county was using an aerial mapping app, noticed the distress message and contacted authorities.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bill Nelson said Tyndall Air Force Base on the Panhandle was heavily damaged, but he promised it would be rebuilt. Other buildings were left in masses of debris, demolished beyond recognition. But he gave no information on how many planes were on the base during the storm or how many were damaged.

"There's a lot of waterways over there", one rescuer said.

For the few residents remaining in Mexico Beach, conditions were treacherous. It was just a small wooden block shifting in the sand beneath the weight of the front end of Lonigan's camper trailer.

Simmons was hardly the only Floridian expressing anger at the lack of federal response to the second devastating hurricane to strike the US mainland in just two months. Seawater surged into his home, leaving a soggy mess of mud and leaves, even though the house stands 12 feet (3.7 meters) above ground on concrete blocks. The wind shredded the roof of his single-story home. Lonigan used a ladder to climb inside.

"And now we're going around the neighborhoods making sure that they're not in any of these houses that are so extremely damaged". "We were able to sleep in the bedroom last night".

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