Wet and Mild: Warm Winter Predicted for Much of the US

It is expected to be weaker than the El Nino that developed during the 2015/2016 winter.

The northwestern United States, including parts of Northern California near the OR border, is likely to see the highest chances of warmer temperatures.

Meanwhile, the southern-third of the USA and much of the East Coast could be hunkering down for a wetter than normal December through January.

An overall mild winter is expected when it comes to temperatures, with most of the USA expected to see warmer than normal temperatures, some much warmer than normal, according to the NOAA outlook from its Climate Prediction Center.

On its temperature forecast map, the Carolinas and much of the southeast and Mid-Atlantic are all colored white, while the rest of the country is cast in reds and oranges, since those areas are expected to be warmer.

Winter weather expert Judah Cohen, of the private company Atmospheric and Environmental Research, uses different indicators to predict winter for the National Science Foundation. But it will be weak, not strong like the El Nino that helped lead to the record warm 2015-2016 winter, Halpert said.

-No part of the U.S.is favored to have below-average temperatures.

"NOAA" s Winter 2018 temperature outlook for the United States.

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-Wetter-than-average conditions are favored across the southern tier of the US, and up into the Mid-Atlantic. Northern Florida and southern Georgia have the greatest odds for above-average precipitation during the winter, the NOAA said.

Along with Michigan, Halper said northern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin are expected to be drier than normal, along with parts of Idaho, Hawaii and Montana, too.

Drought conditions are forecast to stay put this winter in the Southwest, Southern California, central Great Basin, central Rockies, Northern Plains and portions of the interior Pacific Northwest.

Drought conditions are anticipated to improve in areas throughout Arizona and New Mexico, southern sections of Utah and Colorado, the coastal Pacific Northwest and the Central Plains.

-This outlook does not project seasonal snowfall accumulations.

The Farmer's Almanac said that for its winter outlook, the temperatures are going to be cold with "plenty of snow".

The NOAA's Climate Prediction Center posts its three-month outlook once a month.

Farmer's Almanac Editor Peter Geiger said in late August his publication predicts "a very long, cold and snow-filled winter". The next update will be posted on November 15.

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