Ariana Grande Knew Pete Davidson Would Mention Her On ‘SNL’

Ariana Grande Knew Pete Davidson Would Mention Her On ‘SNL’

Otherwise, the performance was thematically about what you would expect, with the stage set up to look like a wedding attended only by Grande and her two dancers, dressed in all white and enjoying themselves with no men in sight.

Midway through the song, she climbed on top of a chair and stumbled as she stepped down from it, but she literally laughed it off, breaking up the verse with an "Oh my god" and laughing during a couple of the following lines.

"Oh, my god!" Grande shouted as she recovered from the fall, then nearly seamlessly continued performing.

So far in Ariana's career, she's held the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart three times and her August album release Sweetener pulled in the largest streaming numbers by a female pop album ever.

In a statement Billboard's vice-president of content Ross Scarano says Grande "consistently stands up for herself and her decisions in a world that often isn't hospitable to that sort of strength in young women". "For instance, in one message, she wrote, "'m so. f-kin. grateful".

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As for the performance, it was definitely live as she almost took a faceplant trying to step down from a chair on the wedding reception-inspired set.

Ariana's promo for new song "thank u, next" appears to be based all around classic films, with the artwork for the single being based on a book from cult film "Mean Girls".

Asked whether he learnt anything from the fellow singer following their romance, he added: 'It was a long time ago, so I suppose you just grow as a person.

Ariana Grande released "thank u, next" out of nowhere recently.

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