Drink urine, eat cockroaches: Chinese company's extreme punishments for missed targets

Drink urine, eat cockroaches: Chinese company's extreme punishments for missed targets

Three managers at a home improvement firm in Zunyi, Guizhou province of China have been sentenced to jail for forcing staff to eat cockroaches, drink urine and more for failing to meet sales targets.

A video of the staff being flogged with belts and forced to drink urine and eat cockroaches circulated in the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo recently, a sight that did not fail to shock the many viewers who came upon it.

The post included a video showing a man standing topless in the centre of a room being whipped by another man with a belt, with other people gathered around watching.

Then, several employees can be seen each taking a cup of yellow liquid and drinking it front of a Power Point presentation screen.

Thus far, local authorities have released a statement on Weibo, saying that two of the firm's managers have been jailed for ten days. The video has been viewed nearly 540,000 times.

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It was later deleted, but screenshots carried by news website Zunyi Yaowen showed text messages apparently sent by managers threatening staff with various punishments if they did not meet sales targets set by the company.

The company is reported to have a history of shaming and punishing its staff by making them drink toilet water, vinegar and shaving their heads.

According to the report, staff were subjected to a range of freakish punishments, including being forced to eat mustard, eat insects, drink water that had socks in it and having their head shaved.

The company had reportedly failed to pay their employees' salary for the past two months and staff was scared to speak up fearing they would lose the pay if they'd quit.

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