Ingress Prime With New Visuals, Features Launched for Android and iOS

Ingress Prime With New Visuals, Features Launched for Android and iOS

Niantic is celebrating 6 year anniversary since the release of Ingress and new updated version of Ingress has been launched.

Earlier today, Niantic sent out a press release announcing the release of Ingress Prime, a sequel to their popular Ingress mobile game. It was received positively and garnered quite the player base, though by the time Pokemon Go came out in 2016, Ingress' player numbers had plummeted drastically. If you're not familiar with the "plot" of the game, it revolves around two factions - the Resistance or the Enlightened - that players join and fight for. Go players will also be awarded a free avatar item in Ingress Prime. The technology pioneered by Niantic in Ingress was then used as the foundation for Pokemon Go.

Ingress Prime is now out on Android and iOS and it serves as a new "season" of Ingress, so to speak. It only means that all of your progress is safe. Have you played Ingress before? Each group will secure the control of an energy that flows freely from portals dotting throughout the globe. Players compete as parts of one of two teams, with the game's storylines affected by the outcome of live "Anomaly" events and the performance of both teams. It is a global battle for supremacy that will take place in the real world.

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As we have mentioned earlier, Ingress Prime is a way much better than the original one, since there is a lot of additional work put in it to make it bigger and better than before. And there are now plenty of tools to help you get started in Ingress Prime - including explainer videos, that in-universe fiction series and even the game's upcoming anime show.

That's all we have so far and as soon as we have more info, you'll be the first to know!

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