Iowa grandmother revealed as Powerball victor

Iowa grandmother revealed as Powerball victor

She split the prize with a second winning ticket in NY.

Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich, left, presents a check to Lerynne West, of Redfield, Iowa, center, for her share of a almost $700 million Powerball prize, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, at the Iowa Lottery headquarters in Clive, Iowa.

While moving into her new home in late October, Lerynne and her sister stopped at a Casey's for pizza and coffee. I also plan to give to the causes and organizations important to my family through our newly established Callum Foundation, ' West told the Iowa Lottery for a news release.

The ticket owned by Leryanne West of Redfield, Iowa, is worth $343.9 million in 20 annuity payments, or $198.1 million in a lump sum. Her sister sent her a picture of the ticket and when West checked her numbers on the lottery website, she realized she'd won. The $344 million ticket was purchased at a gas station in Redfield last month and the victor says she won't let the life changing amount of money change her.

She'll be sharing the $688 million prize with a Big Apple resident, who has yet to come forward.

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After hearing someone from Iowa had won half of a almost $700 million Powerball jackpot, Lerynne West couldn't find the ticket she'd bought the day before so asked her sister to check.

West, who has been working since she was a teenager - even spending her high school days in the local corn and soybean fields - said she'll definitely use a portion of her winnings on some much-needed R&R.

Lerynne West, of Iowa, US, discovered her winning Powerball ticket that was lost after the $954 million jackpot was drawn. That ticket was sold in SC and hasn't been claimed. "The most I had ever won to this point was $150". West said she named the organization after one of her grandsons, who lived just one day after being born prematurely. She has six grandchildren. "I didn't think of them again until Sunday morning". She would play the lottery twice a week when she could afford it.

"I know the responsibility that I have to do good with this money, and my life has changed forever", she said in between tears Monday. The charitable foundation will be focused on making grants in the core areas of alleviating poverty and hunger; education; animal welfare; and veteran's affairs.

The first thing she said she would buy for herself was a new auto. "Currently I drive a Ford Fiesta with 142,000 miles on it".

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