Man Utd legend Neville slams FA for appealing against Mourinho ruling

Man Utd legend Neville slams FA for appealing against Mourinho ruling

Mourinho had been thought to have escaped a touchline ban following the original commission decision but this now remains a possibility.

Detailing their reasons for their decision, the commission agreed with Mourinho that "it was common for Portuguese people to express feelings of vindication or success after long suffering by using such phrases without them being directed to anyone in particular".

The Commission found that an FA charge against Mourinho for "allegedly using language which was abusive and/or insulting and/or improper" was not proven, following comments made by Mourinho at the end of the Premier League match between Manchester United and Newcastle on October 6.

The Written Reasons for the Commission's decision have now been published - which the FA have chose to appeal - and they reveal that Mourinho did admit to swearing.

An independent regulatory commission found the case "not proven" but in a written decision published on Wednesday, the FA chose to appeal, with Mourinho facing the prospect of a touchline ban if he is found guilty.

The FA was understood to be submitting its documents to the appeal board on Wednesday, while United will get a chance to see that submission before both parties settle on a date for the hearing.

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Mourinho had been under intense pressure heading into the Newcastle game at Old Trafford amid speculation he would be sacked as United had not won any of their four previous matches.

In this context, Mr Valente described that JM had just won a match which had been more hard than anticipated, after a hard start of the season in which he had been subjected to significant criticism in the media.

Mr Pedro Xavier concluded the words said in Portuguese would offend in a literal sense but said the phrase used by Mourinho could have been a term used in a non-offensive way. Thus, the objective person would have had to lip read JM's mouth and interpret Portuguese colloquialisms to accurately decipher the comments.

To support his argument, Mourinho hired an expert called Simao Valente, who is described as "an Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon and an expert in the Portuguese language, including colloquialism". Mr Valente interpreted the words used by JM to be "Vão levar no cu, filhos da puta", repeated twice.

JM [Mourinho] was clearly celebrating it, without aiming the words at anyone in particular.

"We do not consider JM's language constituted abusive or insulting or improper act so on the balance of probabilities the charge is unanimously not proved".

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