Nationals, Bryce Harper Remain Open To Future Negotiations

Nationals, Bryce Harper Remain Open To Future Negotiations

Bryce Harper rejected the Washington Nationals' offer of approximately $300 million over 10 years late last season, according to multiple reports.

The minute the Boston Red Sox closed out the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series, the eyes of the baseball world turned to a free agent class that features two of the biggest names in the sport: Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

An wonderful amount to turn down - as it would be the biggest free-agent deal in terms of total money in the history of the four major sport - but also almost $100 million short of what Harper and agent Scott Boras are seeking.

Many in the industry believe star outfielder Bryce Harper's final destination for next season will come no sooner than the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas next month.

While Harper could be exploring other options, it's still possible he might return to the Nationals.

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"It behooves us to have an expiration date", Rizzo told reporters Tuesday, an indication the Nationals are prepared to move on in their plans without Harper because, as one person familiar with the situation said, they "can't have $300 million dangling out there for months".

Since Harper was under contract with the Nationals at the time, they had exclusive rights to negotiate with him.

"Bank on it", Nightengale wrote of the Phillies signing Harper. He's looking to land something worth $400 million, which would be the richest baseball contract ever, by far. "There is a reality that we would love to sign him, but we may not".

It's on all of us that we didn't see "Harper's bazaar" coming from a thousand miles away.

It remains to be seen if the Yankees want to have a decade more of Stanton's style of play. Even though Harper is still only 26, a 14-year deal with an average annual value of $30 million per season felt a bit excessive. Zack Greinke ($34 million), David Price ($31 million) and Clayton Kershaw ($31 million) all got more. Max Scherzer got exactly $US30 million.

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