Oklahoma rises to No

Oklahoma rises to No

Notre Dame is now No. 3, with MI moving up to No. 4. But it's once again the OU defense that is an issue for the team's CFP chances. 4 - Michigan WolverinesOutside Looking In - Georgia Bulldogs and Oklahoma SoonersAaron Cabrera-Steele's PicksNo.

The weather did the Mountaineers no favor by forcing the cancellation of West Virginia's game at North Carolina State in September.

Some of those teams will still be ranked based on who they lost to but it will no doubtingly help Fresno State move up in the polls and get Utah State ranked. Kyler Murray played great after a couple of early turnovers, but Trey Sermon (206 yards, three touchdowns) was the key to Oklahoma's offense against Texas Tech.

Unbeaten Notre Dame moved up one spot to No. 3 and MI jumped a spot after a 42-7 victory against Penn State. What happens if they run the table including beating MI? How far will they fall after a very likely loss?

LSU is now eliminated unless something insane happens.

Alabama still is No. 1 in the official College Football Playoff rankings.

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The Tide is already locked into the SEC championship game and has built up enough equity that even a regular-season loss to Mississippi State or Auburn won't keep Tua Tagovailoa and Co. out of the playoff.

Most teams control their own destiny with the exception of the Pac 12 and the Big 12 Champions.

#18 Michigan State plays #10 Ohio State this weekend. That game is looming large. If Clemson and Notre Dame are unbeaten, it's possible that MI would get left out. That win has been their defining one all season. There is precedent for this. Boston College 18. Michigan State 19.

We think it is a rebuttable presumption and MI should be ranked ahead of Notre Dame. All things being equal, Texas would earn the tiebreaker over the Sooners by virtue of its head-to-head win in this year's Red River game, and it would be the Longhorns who earn a championship rematch, only with West Virginia. They belong a lot closer to undefeated Central Florida than undefeated Alabama.

Remember you didn't just hear it here first, you only heard it here, period. The eye test says it all.

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