Sarah Sanders Accused Of Sharing Doctored Video Of Jim Acosta Incident

Sarah Sanders Accused Of Sharing Doctored Video Of Jim Acosta Incident

Invoking the words of a fellow writer, Rowling cited George Orwell's 1984 to denounce the White House's actions.

The questions over the video arose Wednesday evening after the White House revoked Acosta's press credentials.

Meanwhile, the CNN said the revocation of Acosta's pass "was done in retaliation for his challenging questions at today's press conference.This unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy and the country deserves better".

President Trump's midterm campaigning focused strongly on a "caravan" of migrants heading through Central America towards the U.S. He claimed it constitutes an imminent invasion and sent thousands of active-duty troops to the southern border with Mexico.

"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin accused the White House aide who got caught up in the crossfire between President Trump and Jim Acosta on Wednesday of committing battery against the CNN reporter. She did not say to whom she was referring, but the implication was that it was Acosta.

Following the news conference, Ms Sanders said: "President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his administration".

Press secretary Sarah Sanders says a reporter's access was suspended because he put "his hands on a young woman". She called the behavior "absolutely unacceptable". Acosta seems to make contact with her arm.

During the news conference, President Trump said Republicans "defied history" to make Senate gains in the USA midterms. "It is also completely disrespectful to the reporter's colleagues not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question".

After the exchange, CNN, through its public relations department's Twitter feed, said Trump's attacks on the press have gone too far.

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Acosta has been one of the most outspoken reporters covering the administration since Trump took office.

"Even if President Trump doesn't intend it, some see him as directly appealing to the racists", she wrote.

"When I saw that, I learned very early on that what I saw was a battery, not by Jim Acosta but by the young White House aide", added Sunny Hostin. He sought to ask a question about the Russian Federation investigation, but Trump said he didn't have any worry about the "hoax" and told him to put down the microphone.

"Honestly I think you should let me run the country and you can run CNN", he said in the press conference at the White House. It was obviously a question he didn't like.

"I don't know", he said.

So what is it about CNN's chief White House correspondent that Trump just can't stand?

Acosta, however, disputed the account and called it a "lie".

"In Jim's defense, I've traveled with him and watched him, he's a diligent reporter who busts his butt like the rest of us", Alexander said.

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