The Democrats in the age of Trump

The Democrats in the age of Trump

The Republican Party maintained control of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, while Democrats marched toward control of the House, a prospect that would stop almost all of President Donald Trump's agenda in its tracks.

Before this year's elections, the Republicans held only a slight majority at 51 seats, but more of their incumbents are likely to remain in place, whereas Democrats must defend 10 seats in states which Trump won in 2016.

The Democrats now control the lower house for the first time in eight years.

At stake was control of at least one house in the United States Congress, and with it Trump's ability to drive ahead with an unconventional style of government that has divided Americans like rarely before. That win effectively closed the Democrats' chances to win the Senate.

Speaking to Fox News earlier in the evening, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Democrats shouldn't "waste time" with an investigation. Moscow denies meddling and Trump denies any collusion.

More than 40 million Americans had already voted, either by mail or in person, breaking early voting records across 37 states, according to an AP analysis.

"We will have a responsibility to find our common ground where we can, stand our ground where we can't", Pelosi said.

Curbelo is a leader of the bipartisan Climate Caucus and bucked GOP leadership this summer by supporting a tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, a contributor to global warming.

Certainly all of these new legislative tools the Democrats have at their disposal is helpful for them to tear down Trump, but they as a party also have their own issues.

Americans voted for all 435 seats in the House, and female candidates stole the spotlight in an election cycle that had been billed as the Year of the Woman.

In the House, Democrats picked up seats across the map.

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But Republicans appeared bound to hold onto the Senate, and possibly even pick up a couple of seats. A disproportionate number of the seats up for election were in traditionally Republican states with Democratic incumbents.

Some of the biggest Democratic stars of the campaign season were struggling.

"If you look back through the last 50 or 60 years of U.S. history, if you are an incumbent President, the chances are you will be re-elected and there is a strong pattern of the United States two terms for one party, two terms for the other". Andrew Gillum lost to Republican Ron DeSantis in his quest to become Florida's first black governor. The Republican incumbent had been branded Barbara "Trumpstock" by Democrats in a race that pointed to Trump's unpopularity among college-educated women in the suburbs.

Within two hours of polls closing the closely watched midterm elections, Democrats quickly had a sign that the night might go their way when a key suburban district in Virginia changed hands.

The Democrats benefited from extraordinary voter enthusiasm, robust fundraising and unusually fresh candidates. More self-identified Democrats than Republicans headed to the polls this year (37 to 33 percent).

Democrats turned out to register disapproval of Trump's divisive rhetoric and policies on such issues as immigration and his travel ban targeting several Muslim-majority countries.

Republican control of the U.S. Senate is on the line tonight. Left-leaning OH "populist" Democrat Sherrod Brown, thought initially to be vulnerable in a state that Trump carried by eight points, was quickly called the victor over Republican congressman and Trump buddy Jim Renacci soon after the polls closed.

With divided leadership in Congress and a president who has taken an expansive view of executive power, Washington could be in store for even deeper political polarization and legislative gridlock.

Republican gains in the Senate are sure to bolster the party's efforts to ram conservative federal judges through confirmation proceedings during a lame duck session that starts next week, as well as next year.

But former President Barack Obama was among those who directly targeted Trump and his personal style and beliefs, saying at one point "the character of the country is on the ballot".

He noted that Republicans now hold 33 governorships, compared to 17 for the Democrats.

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