Xiaomi introduced a cheap version of Apple AirPods

Xiaomi introduced a cheap version of Apple AirPods

The company just scheduled a NY event yesterday, with "notable celebrities" and promises to showcase its latest and greatest products.

I mean, I can think of a few reasons why not, but Xiaomi generally makes pretty reliable consumer electronics, and the company's rock-bottom prices have disrupted other markets, like fitness trackers. However, that's the beauty of business.

While the new invention, AirDots doesn't seems like an Apple's AirPods, it's a really nice earbud device that is quite cheaper than the Apple AirPods. The AirDots come with a carry case (similar to that of Apple AirPods) that can fully charge the earbuds in 12 hours.

A bibliophile and a business enthusiast. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation from Xiaomi as to when its new products can be expected in the Indian or global markets. While turning the AirDots headset back on again, the AirDots connect automatically with the previously connected device without any additional hassle.

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Xiaomi has launched its new truly wireless earphones with Bluetooth v5.0, alongside two new Mi Notebooks and a 65-inch Mi TV 4. Not all smartphones have the tap-to-wake feature, so this feature in the AirDots Youth Edition might come in handy. By just a finger touch on the touch zone users of the Mi AirDots will be able to enable or disable the voice assistant, play or pause songs, or even answer or reject a call.

The carry case can be used to charge the AirDots up to three times. It will go on sale in China at CNY 199 from November 11.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition are now up for pre-orders in China at a price of CNY 199 (roughly Rs. 2,100) while they will be sold via Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, Jingdong, and Suning, starting from November 11.

The Mi AirDots Youth Edition can deliver up to four hours of playback time in stereo mode and up to five hours of playback time in mono mode on a single charge, if what Xiaomi claims is to be believed.

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