Brexit: See how your MP voted on the contempt motion

Brexit: See how your MP voted on the contempt motion

Cox argued before the advice was made public that revealing its contents could jeopardise the country's ability to negotiate a new trade deal with the European Union next year.

Mrs May is reportedly dead set on delivering the result of the 2016 referendum and "loses her temper and raises her voice" when the prospect of a re-run of the vote is raised.

Another fellow Cabinet minister, worldwide trade secretary Liam Fox, also backed the deal, warning there was a "natural "Remain" majority" in Parliament and any attempt to overturn the 2016 referendum vote in favour of Brexit would be a "democratic affront".

Opening debate on the deal she struck in Brussels last month, Mrs May warned: "Don't imagine that if we vote this down another deal is going to miraculously appear".

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbot said: "On the question of security, assertions, aspirations, a wish list is not enough, we need a treaty".

"It is a vote in which the future of their country is at stake", he said.

'The most important thing is to have clarity about how we might remove ourselves from a backstop, ' Sir Graham told the BBC's Newsnight.

Supporters of Brexit have said that if Brexit is reversed, the United Kingdom will be thrust into a constitutional crisis as the financial and political elite will have thwarted the democratic will of the people.

Asked if she had a plan B if her deal was voted down on Tuesday, May said: "That question is not for me, that question is for those who want to oppose this deal".

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"I think members on both sides know she has worked phenomenally hard to try to secure the best agreement", he said.

Now May is trying to get her deal approved by a parliament which shows every sign of striking it down in a vote on December 11.

Asked if the DUP was prepared to precipitate a general election, the party's Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "If it comes to the point where the Government makes, shows, a determination to implement the Withdrawal Agreement with its damaging terms at present, or some future version of it, which is still equally damaging, we will not be supporting the Government".

May hinted she might give parliament a greater role in deciding whether to start the backstop or extend a transition period under which more European Union membership terms would apply.

But, on a day when Theresa May suffered three Brexit defeats in the Commons - in which ministers agreed to publish the government's full legal advice on the deal - Mr Benyon justified his decision to rebel against his party in search of a "pragmatic" Brexit.

It then opens up the field to a no-deal chaotic Brexit without any exit arrangements in place, a scenario which also has few takers in the UK Parliament and is expected to further dent May's already tenuous hold on leadership. But lawmakers who attended the meeting said he did not offer a solution to persuade them to back it.

And he said that - despite assurances from both London and Brussels that it is meant to be temporary - the protocol would "endure indefinitely" under worldwide law until another agreement takes its place.

Britain's pro-Brexit Trade Minister Liam Fox said it was now possible that Brexit would not happen.

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