British MP reveals he is HIV positive

British MP reveals he is HIV positive

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of this event is "Know your Status".

Revealing that he is the only current sitting MP with the virus "does a lot to normalise HIV in the public's mind", said Ian Green, chief executive of the sexual health charity the Terrance Higgins Trust.

There's no treatment for HIV - There is no cure for HIV, but antiretroviral treatment can control the virus and even make it undetectable, meaning that people with HIV can live long and healthy lives, and have less than a 1% chance of passing the virus on!

Around 150,000 people in the country are infected with HIV while out of the infected number only 25,000 are registered with the treatment centres, minister for health said on Thursday.

In 2017, 25% of those 36.9 million people living with HIV didn't know their status.

Humana People to People has built strong relationships with national government health departments and worldwide health organizations. You can not rely on symptoms to know whether you have HIV.

HIV and AIDS from mother to child transmission has been reduced to less than 2 percent while provision of anti-retroviral treatments reaches to all HIV positive people in need and for free, according to the ministry of health. Since 2005 we have almost cut in half the number of people dying because of AIDS, and we have dramatically increased the number of people living with HIV on treatment.

Okoro recalled that in 2016, no fewer than 1.4 million people were tested and became aware of their HIV status.

British MP reveals he is HIV positive

Knowing your HIV status has many advantages. Have you got tested for HIV?

Over half of people living with HIV (54%) had experienced HIV discrimination in dating and relationships.

He also stated that HIV testing and treatment needs to be more encouraged in society.

TCE Field Officers and volunteers build relationships with communities to provide access to HIV testing in hard-to-reach areas and among the at-risk populations.

Why is raising awareness about HIV and AIDS so important?

A British MP has become the first sitting member to disclose he is HIV positive to the United Kingdom parliament.

"So, with a loud voice, we're calling on every Nigerian to submit himself or herself to get tested for HIV so as to know whether they are positive or negative to the virus". This milestone was achieved in an HIV testing campaign being done by ADPP Mozambique through HOPE Maputo project.

He also praised the Duke of Sussex, who has done much work with HIV and Aids charities.

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