Burger King trolls McDonald's with 1 cent burger promotion

Burger King trolls McDonald's with 1 cent burger promotion

Sort of. For a limited time, when you go within 600 feet of a McDonald's restaurant you can order a flame-grilled WHOPPER ® sandwich for only 1¢ on the newly revamped BK ® App.

The "Whopper for a penny" promotion relies on customers' phones proving they are near a McDonald's so they can order a cheap Burger King burger online.

Today, the BURGER KING ® brand is turning more than 14,000 McDonald's into BURGER KING ® restaurants. Under a blurred-out photo of the Golden Arches is the bejeweled hand of the Burger King himself, adding the letter "W" in a key place.

Once you're near the burger chain, the app will unlock the special discounted Whopper, and guide you to their nearest location.

Whopper Detour
Be prepared to confuse some McDonald's

Burger King is running a clever promotion in order to get people to use its mobile app.

The latest promotion is an example of how the fast-food restaurants have turned to mischevious marketing schemes to help draw customers away from their competitors.

The offer is good until December 12 so you've got time, but the deal can only be redeemed one time per registered user at participating locations.

No, you won't actually buy the burger at a McDonald's.

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