Candidate would back new election if fraud shown

Candidate would back new election if fraud shown

The state Board of Elections and the Wake County district attorney have launched investigations. Instead, the legislation stipulates that the party with the most registered people would be put in charge of election boards on odd years, while the party with the second most registrants would oversee the board in even years. Basically, the Republicans are aiming to be put in charge of every election board when the job is most important and prone to partisan shenanigans.

The freaky case could ultimately lead to another election being held for the state's 9th District House seat.

The state board issued a statement Friday confirming that Dowless is a "person of interest" in the probe being led by four elections investigators with experience in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.

The state board declined to certify Harris' race - where he has an unofficial lead of 905 votes over Democrat Dan McCready - last Friday, and will hold a hearing by December 21 on its investigation.

The Republican candidate in North Carolina's unresolved congressional race said Friday that he would support a new election if it's proven that fraud changed the outcome of the contest, as further details emerged about his campaign owing money for ballot work that's the focus of a state investigation.

The state elections board has twice declined to certify Harris' victory and plans to hold an evidentiary hearing in the case this month.

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The operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, was contracted by Red Dome Group, a Charlotte-based consulting group that Harris' campaign hired to help turnout voters in rural Bladen County.

Under North Carolina state law, only a voter, voter's near relatives or a voter's legal guardian is legally allowed to drop off an absentee ballot. "If this investigation finds proof of illegal activity on either side to such a level that it could have changed the outcome of the election, then I would wholeheartedly support a new election to ensure all voters have confidence in the results".

Dan McCready, his Democratic opponent, withdrew his concession this week, citing "criminal activity" in the race. Elections experts have found that while 19% of absentee voters in Bladen County were registered Republicans, 62% of the County's mailed-in ballots were votes for Harris and the GOP.

Several district residents have described having their absentee ballots collected, also known as "ballot harvesting", which is illegal in North Carolina.

According to a statement from the board, it has issued subpoenas for documents to Red Dome Group, the Mark Harris for Congress Committee and the James Atlas McVicker Committee.

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