Don’t Install iOS 12.1.2, It’s Causing Cellular Connectivity Issues

Don’t Install iOS 12.1.2, It’s Causing Cellular Connectivity Issues

The first software update of iOS fixed bugs related to eSIM activation on iPhone XR (which has been priced at Rs 70,849), iPhone XS (which has been priced at Rs 94,281), and iPhone XS Max.

On the product side, things have been a bit of a roller coaster ride as well this year. It is not available for the iPad lineup.

Now, Forbes is stating that iOS 12.1.2 is bringing on new connectivity issues for owners of various iPhone models in multiple countries.

People at AppleInsider said that the second build of iOS 12.1.2 has a different build number (which is 16C104) in comparison to the original iOS update's build number (which is 16C101).

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For those who have yet to update, it is advisable to stay put with your current iOS version until the next update. Here's one of many examples. Some also said they are not able to make phone calls as well, which means they can't even get in touch with the Apple support staff as well. His phone still can not receive cellular data. While it's hard to resist overlooking the irony here, not all iPhones might be affected by the issue, but several users are complaining that the update has rendered their phones useless. The problem is affecting iPhone users in North and South America, Europe and Asia, with U.S. users seemingly the worst hit. And the bad news is there's no known fix at this time. Going into the iPhone's cellular settings and disabling LTE to force the phone onto 3G and older 4G networks appears to help in some cases, but not all.

The iOS 12.1.2 update was pushed to all the iPhone models running iOS 12 and later early last week.

Apple has yet to acknowledge the issue with iOS 12.1.2 but given the amount of social media buzz, they likely know about it. Apple typically doesn't address these issues publicly until their hand is forced, so they'll likely quietly push a new update once it's ready.

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