Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay, Setting, and Story Revealed

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay, Setting, and Story Revealed

Unlike most post-apocalyptic games, New Dawn takes place some time after the explosion, in a world where nature is once again flourishing.

The game's main villains are The Twins, Mickey and Lou, who are indeed twin sisters. Still set in Hope County, it's up to players to find a way to thrive and survive in this harsh new frontier of irradiated wastelands and hostile bandits.

As for what it actually is, it's like Far Cry 5 but with a post-apocalyptic style and a few new features.

The narrator in the New Dawn teaser talks about how flames and death "rolled through [their] valley", which sounds a lot like nuclear bombs.

Prosperity is also where you can treat wounded Far Cry: New Dawn Specialists. Along the way, you will gain access to the Homebase, the sanctuary and fortress of the survivors, which can be upgraded to unlock more powerful gear and weapons.

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Regardless, Specialists still mostly exist to fill the absence of a real-life co-op pal, which was the best way to play Far Cry 5. Plus there's also a dog that'll ride in the vehicle with you.

Expect to be attacked by all kinds of mutated wildlife. Like many other major game announcements these days, it seems the cover image has been leaked online. Every mission in Far Cry 5 was playable with a virtual partner, and capturing an outpost together elevated a middling game to a memorable one.

We've yet to give it a go, but it's interesting to see Ubisoft stick to its tradition of releasing experimental titles under the Far Cry banner. Only time will tell.

The two spin-offs also have similar release dates, with new Dawn due out on February 15 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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