Google launches AI-driven personalized audio news for smart speakers

Google launches AI-driven personalized audio news for smart speakers

Audio journalism requires new capabilities and workflows for both print publishers and broadcasters, whether it's adding a sound booth or segmenting larger broadcasts into shorter stories.

Audio news on the Google Assistant has started to roll out to a "limited number of people" in the U.S., with publishers from around the world who produce English-language content invited to sign up and submit feeds for inclusion.

Google Assistant, the AI program developed by the company, will manage the feed, allowing users to skip a story, go back or stop.

This new experience will bring you an audio news playlist assembled in that moment, for you.

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Asking for news on phones or Google Home will become more personalized and will be able to deliver you updates throughout the whole day.

Google Assistant remembers which stories the user has already received and will give updates on them at later times when applicable. However, the content is usually taken from television or radio casts.

The participating news partners mentioned by Google in their blog post are shown below in the image. At present, Audio News is scheduled to roll out to a limited number of English speaking Google Assistant users in the United States. After that, Assistant will select a few longer, more detailed stories. For now, a story is expected to be less than two minutes for short-format entries and between two and 15 minutes for medium-format listings.

"Imagine if you could have your own radio, one that's available on-demand, accessible throughout your day, and brings you news about the world and your interests", Google's Liz Gannes writes. The company is also inviting interested media publishers to join the project.

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