Ocasio-Cortez Claim About Pentagon Wrong — WashPost

Ocasio-Cortez Claim About Pentagon Wrong — WashPost

And, she insinuates that by not paying interns, her colleagues are stopping people who are not from rich families from being able to participate in government careers.

Before the official announcement Tuesday, the congresswoman-elect criticized current congress members who now don't pay their interns.

With a little over a month away until she takes office, the newly-elected New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has announced she will be paying her interns $15 per hour in an effort to "walk the walk". "So, we will award Four Pinocchios to Ocasio-Cortez", they wrote.

"A 2017 study by an advocacy group called Pay Our Interns found that 51 percent of Senate Republicans offered paid internships, compared with 31 percent of Democrats", noted Fox Business, referencing the study Ocasio-Cortez also mentioned.

Soon, Democrats may have one of those send-them-to-Gimbels/send-them-to-Macy's moment on their hands just in time for Christmas.

She tweeted a link to an article in the Washington Post in which her campaign manager, Saikat Chakrabarti, confirmed that interns in her office would be paid "at least" $15 an hour.

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Ocasio-Cortez responded to the statistic and promised to pay her interns. I chatted up the staff.

She added it is unjust for Congress to budget their own living wages and rely on unpaid and underpaid workers to help carry the load of the offices they work for. "This is a disgrace".

The House interns fare much worse with only 8 per cent of Republican interns who are paid and an abysmal 3.6 per cent of Democrats interns are. Most interns go unpaid in the nation's capital; unsurprisingly, more Republicans now offer paid internships than Democrats.

Ocasio-Cortez's tweet on Monday came after a reporter said that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, another New York Democrat, is hiring an unpaid intern. Vera told the Washington Post in April that as a Congressional intern, he, like many unpaid interns in Washington, worked long hours in secondary jobs in order to survive.

The same money may have been accounted for multiple times, according to the Washington Examiner, and with both incoming and outgoing transactions missing, the transactions may have balanced themselves out, at least to an extent. The house appropriated $8 million and the Senate appropriated $5 million for the salaries.

Ocasio-Cortez acknowledged the new fund, noting that it will give $20,000 per member of Congress for their interns.

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