Pantone thinks this will be the color of 2019

Pantone thinks this will be the color of 2019

The announcement was made Wednesday at Art Basel Miami Beach.

'We're looking toward those colours that bring nourishment and the comfort and familiarity that make us feel good. But more recently, the company has hinted that it's hoping to influence society, too. It brings to mind, recreation, leisure, celebration - aspects of life that are needed to balance the many challenges faced in the current day and age; one can easily imagine the dynamic color in a setting like a beach escape or the mellow rosy shade of a pair of Nantucket Reds pants.

It follows ultraviolet, which was named the 2018 color of the year. The color authority has bestowed the honorable title on a special hue every December for the past 20 years, taking into account fashion, decorating, design and cultural trends, as well as "how colors can embody our collective experience and reflect what is taking place in our global culture at a moment in time", according to press release from Pantone. And the year before that, the colour institute chose two colours - a baby blue and a pale pink - citing "societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity".

When it comes to most headlines these days, the word "coral" doesn't often get the opportunity to be paired with "living".

Living Coral is ascending, Pressman said, at a time when bleaching due to climate change continues to rob actual coral reefs of their rainbows.

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It also points to a long and painful slog of recent financial market scares and political crises to environmental chaos and the rise of social media, where saturated colour presides, Pressman said.

A model is shown wearing a coral outfit from the Marc Jacobs spring 2019 collection during Fashion Week in NY.

The selection process spans the year. As for Greenery, the colour of the year for 2017, one interior decorator told The Washington Post that it was "a bit acidic and would not be my choice for a wall colour and would be unflattering with some skin tones".

"A vivacious coral can infuse new energy into your home-whether you coat an entire room in Watermelon Slice to facilitate inspired conversation and excitement, or use Salmon Coral in a smaller dose on a piece of furniture to liven up an otherwise neutral space".

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