Spider-Man: Far From Home's Jake Gyllenhaal Confirms He's Playing Mysterio

It's finally official. Jake Gyllenhaal will be donning the giant glass dome to play the big bad in the next Spider-Man solo movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home. But now at last, it seems we have confirmation, from the horse's (evil magician's) mouth. The actor teases fans over realising that he's not playing Spider-Man, while reading a comic with Mysterio on the cover (and another such cover is framed on the wall behind him).

The role will be the actor's first major part in a superhero blockbuster film.

This marks the first time that anyone involved with Far From Home has confirmed Mysterio's inclusion in the film.

"And there is a sense of the scenes, with the casting in particular and also the storytelling, that you feel that you're actually in a movie with human beings in it".

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In the comic, Mysterio tries to convince Spidey he caused a man's death, The Hollywood Reporter reports, noting that it's unclear if this plot will carry over into the film.

In the video, Jake looks stunned as he sets down the comic book, The Amazing Spider-Man: The Return of the Man Called Mysterio!.

Spider-Man: Far From Home sees Peter Parker embarking on a global adventure and has been described as grander in scale and funnier than Homecoming. He is a special effects experts who uses his talents to commit crimes.

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