You Can Watch The Game Awards Right Here with Bill

You Can Watch The Game Awards Right Here with Bill

The thing we found is that people just want to go play games, and you'll see this year that there are a ton of new games that are available inside of the show and afterwards. Keighley has promised at least 10 new game announcements this year. Clicking the above link also allows you to cast a ballot for The Game Awards, and help influence the results.

The Game Awards will be taking place at 12:30pm AEDT on Friday.

It's probably a little bit counterproductive of me, a writer for a video game website, to be getting exhausted of the hints towards what we should expect at the next videogame extravaganza, but here we are.

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"Thursday during The Game Awards don't miss a Fortnite announcement and world premiere from Epic's Donald Mustard". While we know some of the announcements we can expect, others have only been teased. The trailer also confirmed an official worldwide reveal for the title will be shown during The Game Awards 2018.

If that's not the case, we can hopefully at least look forward to some more details on Creative Mode.

We would love to chat with you about all these developments in the official DualShockers Discord server. Though we we get a glimpse at the upcoming game, its release date is now "at least three years away". It has been teased that players should "keep your game close" as the announcement may revolve around something going live in game immediately following the announcement.

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