3 more kids die of influenza: US CDC report

3 more kids die of influenza: US CDC report

Overall deaths from pneumonia and flu, an indicator that typically lags other markers, rose to 7.2% last week and are above the epidemic threshold, and in an accompanying situation report, the CDC said that indicator has now topped the epidemic level for 2 weeks this season.

"We won't have the full picture until end of season, but we can already tell more people have received a vaccine in Iowa", she said. Dr. Hu says it's impossible to predict what form of the flu will be more prevalent each season.

On its weekly FluWatch website, PHAC said there were 20,494 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases reported by the provinces and territories as of January 12, a lot of them caused by H1N1 and most affecting those under age 65.

Because flu viruses are constantly changing, flu vaccines are updated from one season to the next to protect against the most recent and most common circulating flu strains.

However, the H3N2 virus, another kind of influenza A virus, which dominated influenza spread previous year, played havoc in the southeastern region of the country.

The data came from the Canadian Sentinel Practitioner Surveillance Network, which provides samples that are used to determine the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

Experts say, if you do get sick, it's the advice you probably hear the most that is the most effective in preventing it spreading to others.

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On Vancouver Island, the influenza A H1N1 virus has sent children and people in their forties and fifties to hospital this season.

Kaitlyn McConnell, spokesperson for Cox Health said, "It's around this time of year that we actually start doing the flu test more often, and that can change the number of flu cases we're seeing".

This year's flu shot has been 72 per cent effective at preventing infections in Canada, according to a scientific study.

Of those 391 deaths, 290 were people age 65 and older and seven were children under the age of 18.

"The average age of someone who is being hospitalized, so quite ill with influenza, was 72 previous year".

Needless to say, many of us prefer to rely on "natural" remedies and avoid any side effects from prescription medicines in any health concern. This year it is 51 - "a substantially younger group", Waters said.

Infants, young children, pregnant women, adults 65 and older, and those with medical conditions including immunocompromised individuals are especially at risk for a severe case of influenza.

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