Bethesda & Behaviour Interactive Settle Westworld Mobile Game Kerfuffle

Bethesda & Behaviour Interactive Settle Westworld Mobile Game Kerfuffle

Have you enjoyed either Fallout Shelter or Westworld?

Well, that no longer is the case, as both Bethesda and developer Behaviour Interactive announced this afternoon that the lawsuit has now been resolved.

Filings with the United States District Court in Maryland, where Bethesda is located, show that Bethesda and Behaviour came to terms on a settlement in principle back in November 2018. Entertainment over the Westworld mobile game has been settled. It claimed in its lawsuit that Behavior copied its code "to compress its development timeline, reduce costs and quickly bring the Westworld mobile game to market". Following this discovery, Bethesda then filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. which as of earlier today was still pending. Entertainment, which is the publisher of the title.

The terms of the resolution weren't revealed.

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Understandably, there was animosity between Warner Bros and Bethesda, with the defendant calling the claims "baseless" and asserting that it takes copyright seriously.

While nothing else has been confirmed, it's likely that the matter was resolved with a financial settlement.

One of the main focal points of these claims was that a glitch existed in Fallout Shelter that was reproducible in the exact same way in Westworld mobile. Considering that Behaviour Interactive had developed both Fallout Shelter and the Westworld game, the two games appearing similar may not come as a surprise. Westworld remains available as a free-to-play game on iOS's App Store and Android's Google Play store.

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