Blindfolded Driver Crashes Car While Doing ‘Bird Box’ Challenge

Blindfolded Driver Crashes Car While Doing ‘Bird Box’ Challenge

The Bird Box challenge, based off of Netflix's latest horror movie where citizens must stay blindfolded to stay alive, had a predictable result.

The teen, who is not being named, then crossed over into oncoming traffic, hit a white SUV and crashed into a light pole, police said, according to ABC4.

A blindfolded teenage driver in Utah crashed into another auto for obvious reasons on Monday, according to the Layton Police Department.

'This happened on Monday as a result of the driver covering her eyes while driving on Layton Parkway. It's unclear how many people were in the SUV.

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There were no injuries reported in connection with the crash.

The "Bird Box" Challenge involves people blindfolding themselves while doing everyday tasks.

Well, we might be getting into an area where films that become pop-culture phenomenons require ridiculous warnings because just like the idea of sticking your head into a bee hive or swimming with sharks, driving with a blindfold isn't the cleverest thing to do. Police say they are screening a reckless driving charge with the city attorney's office. After getting some additional information about the crash, police re-interviewed the teens a few days later, which was when they revealed the crash had been caused by the "Bird Box" Challenge.

No one was injured in the crash - a relief to Netflix, which earlier this month issued a warning to fans of the film to lay off the blindfold stunts.

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