Bowsette unofficial according to Nintendo

Bowsette unofficial according to Nintendo

In what is surely the most important news of the day so far, we now have confirmation that Bowsette is technically impossible and will absolutely not be appearing in the upcoming New Super Mario Bros.

Apparently, Nintendo themselves who have "no comment" on Bowsette when interviewed by Japanese website J-Cast News, invented her long before the Internet did. An artist who goes by created a short comic that imagined Bowser using the Super Crown, turning into Bowsette and igniting quite the contagious spectacle in the Mario fandom.

First discovered by a user on a ResetEra forum, the message displays on the official New Super Mario Bros. The description inexplicably apologizes to Luigi, which is a whole new layer of trolling Bowsette fans.

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Unfortunately, according to Nintendo's own site, only Toadette can use the Super Crown.

Sadly, the item has been restricted to Toadette, though Nintendo could potentially revisit the idea in future titles. That's right, Peachette is the only transformation the Super Crown will be able to achieve. Well, Nintendo aren't about to be that company, as they have seemingly ruled out any kind of official introduction of the fan-created phenomenon Bowsette.

What followed was a cavalcade of questionable monster girl-esque drawings, some work-safe and others definitely not safe for work, of Bowsette; one of the most talked-about video game stories of 2018. U (from the Wii U) with New Super Luigi U thrown in as an added extra-will release on January 11th 2019.

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