CES 2019: Harley-Davidson ‘LiveWire’ e-motorcycle with Samsung battery launched

CES 2019: Harley-Davidson ‘LiveWire’ e-motorcycle with Samsung battery launched

Harley-Davidson has a special place in the hearts of motor-bike enthusiasts around the world.

Also displayed at CES were two lightweight H-D e-bike concepts, part of its move towards electric motorcycles and its modernisation plan across the range. At $29,799, it will be one of the most expensive electric bikes around.

Harley-Davidson has always been the standard bearer of loud, booming engines, but at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Showcase on Monday, the motorcycle company showed off its first ever pure electric bike.

Harley-Davidson has released the long-awaited technical specifications for its first electric motorcycle.

The LiveWire bike includes a fully adjustable Showa suspension Michelin sports tires, cornering-enhanced anti-lock brakes, and traction control. The company said any household outlet can charge the lithium-ion battery pack overnights, at 13 miles of range per hour.

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The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is connected, too.

Jumping right into the details, the LiveWire will be able to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour (0-96 km/h) in less than 3.5 seconds thanks to its electric powertrain which can produce 100 percent of its rated torque at a twist of the throttle. Also included is H-D Connect, an app that interfaces with the rider using a touchscreen mounted on the handlebars which gives functionality such as charge status, charging locations, service reminders and vehicle location via the rider's smartphone.

It also features no clutch, and therefore does not require the rider to change gears - something Harley claims is a touch which will "greatly simpli [fy] [the] operation for new riders".

Harley-Davidson also showed off their dirt bike and moped prototypes to the CES audience. It's likely that these will be the inspiration behind the upcoming electric production models. "These premium entry-level concepts widen accessibility both for new audiences, and the traditional Harley-Davidson customer".

Are you excited about the coming age of electric motorbikes?

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