Details have emerged about Chris Jericho's contract with All Elite Wrestling

Wrestling superstar Chris Jericho may have officially bid his WWE career a goodbye.

While it is unusual seeing Jericho on this table, the fact that he has signed an agreement with a rival company, any foreseeable comeback to the WWE universe has now safely reached a dead end. "Nothing is set in stone, but the couple I know about are ones where people would go, 'This is the real deal'".

During this statement, BOR co-host Bully Ray stopped him to clarify and Jericho reaffirmed that if the one of the two deals that he knows of comes through, we'll be very impressed.

In the clip posted on Twitter, Jericho talked about the work that needs to be done.

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In addition, during this interview Jericho also talked about talent from other promotions keeping an eye on what's going on and may have let something slip.

He has history working with the Bucks as part of Bullet Club, and would give their company their second major star after Chris Jericho's signing, though it'd still be a huge surprise to see Styles walk away from the biggest stage in the world.

"By me joining the company, I think fans and wrestlers most importantly go holy sh*t this is the real deal", he explained. We know them, but your average fan doesn't. "I can go there too'".

Another development that signals the end of Jericho's involvement as a WWE wrestler is his name being dropped from the list of active members in the SmackDown Live roster.

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