Epic Games’ Fortnite New Year Celebration Looks Groovy

Epic Games’ Fortnite New Year Celebration Looks Groovy

Every time the clock hits 12 a.m.in a different time zone, Epic Games will launch the event.

First spotted by players overnight as 2019 arrived in a few corners of the world, Fortnite is ringing in the new year in-game by dropping an enormous disco ball and setting off fireworks every hour for players to enjoy.

Fortnite has had an unprecedented year of success, moving past 200 million registered players and now even has its own official merchandise store. It seems that the event will occur every hour as all nations celebrate the beginning of the new year. When the countdown gets to zero, fireworks explode and music plays, causing players to dance for the duration. At that moment, Epic Games did not comment on the leaked event, but Rein explained later that the event was on schedule and everything went as planned.

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Obviously, the clock has already struck midnight and 2019 has officially begun in many parts of the world, but the in-game ball drop threw some players off guard. "Happy New Years early I guess", another wrote.

Epic Games made sure that players who log in today during New Year's Eve will be greeted with a firework spectacle to behold. If you are anxious you didn't get to party in Fortnite and see the event, there are videos with it online.

Epic PR person Nick Chester also tried to clear up the matter: "Woke up to learn that many Fortnite players are unaware of time zones", he wrote.

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