European Union 'is prepared to delay Brexit until at least July'

European Union 'is prepared to delay Brexit until at least July'

Mrs May has warned that rejecting her deal opens up the possibility of Brexit being stopped, or that Britain leaves disruptively without a deal. If May's withdrawal bill is voted down then businesses across Britain and Europe will suffer further uncertainty with the next steps in the discussions unclear.

He had been the only one of Kent's 17 MPs to declare his position but has now come out against the deal.

She said the history books would judge if MPs delivered on Brexit while safeguarding the economy and security. Several previously opposed British legislators have swung behind May's agreement in the last few days, but they remain outnumbered by those determined to vote against it.

However, May has continued to try and rally support for the agreement. "Anything that looks like that level of disruption would incredibly bad - both for the country and for Brexit", she told BBC2's Newsnight.

Some Leave supporters think that leaving without a deal would be positive if the right preparations were made.

The will lay out her "Plan B" on Monday in a motion that MPs will be able to amend, opening the door for a second referendum to be put to Parliament. "She could not be clearer about that".

Later that day in the House of Commons, she said rejecting the deal and allowingthe crash out of the European Union could even cause the breakup of the country by spurring the independence movement in Scotland, where Brexit is unpopular, and prompting moves to unite Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Weber, a German conservative who heads the biggest group in the European Parliament, said lawmakers in London should accept the "extended hand" of their colleagues on the continent.

Jeremy Corbyn has set his sights on taking over Brexit negotiations, confirming he will call a no confidence vote to trigger a general election "soon" if Theresa May's current deal is rejected in parliament.

The British prime minister has since seen regular resignations of Brexiteers and Remainers within her cabinet.

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She then returned to Parliament, where she asked lawmakers to give her deal a chance, referring to the assurances she secured from Brussels, and warning Parliament it risked the breakup of the United Kingdom if it voted against the agreement.

But that could prove problematic if she has suffered a massive defeat, with European Union leaders reluctant to give ground if they believe it is simply impossible for her to get the deal through the Commons.

MPs will be deciding whether or not they want to back the terms of the Prime Minister's negotiated deal.

The BBC estimates that May's deal is likely to be supported by about 240 lawmakers, far short of the number needed for passage.

MPs will finish a fifth day of debate on the withdrawal deal before voting on it, and there are a series of amendments tabled by MPs from across Parliament that will be voted on too.

Mr Corbyn hinted that Article 50 may have to be extended if his party came into power.

With some pro-Remain MPs backing moves to take control of the parliamentary timetable if she is defeated, she warned any attempt by the House to thwart Brexit would be a "subversion of our democracy".

It would mean that without control over time in the Commons, the government has no control over parliamentary business, so can not get through policies and legislation easily.

He told MPs: "We were promised the easiest trade deal in history, yet we've seen a divided government deliver a botched withdrawal deal with nothing more than a vague outline for what our future relationship with the European Union will be".

MP Gareth Johnson has resigned his post as a minister in the Government's Whips' Office, ahead of a highly anticipated vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal.

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