Google Assistant Aims to Eradicate Language Barriers with Its New Interpreter Mode

Google Assistant Aims to Eradicate Language Barriers with Its New Interpreter Mode

Google have a big presence at CES once again this year and their presence is dominated by Google Assistant. Everybody and their mothers (and a few relatives) are rushing to make their products "smart" by integrating them with either the Assistant or Alexa.

At CES 2019, Google yesterday announced a number of new partnerships and features for Google Assistant.

In 2019, Google has already introduced Assistant integration with Google Maps, flight check-ins, hotel bookings, and greater language translation capabilities.

Google gives the example of a company creating an e-ink display that can project the weather or a calendar, while harnessing the power of Assistant Connect to show you content from your linked smart speaker. If there is a check-in available, Assistant will send a notification to remind you about it. Just ask Assistant to "take me home" and Google Maps will open from where you will be able to get Assistant to perform all of the above functionality. You can also view your boarding pass in Google Pay by saying "Hey Google, show me my boarding pass".

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If you know which hotel you want to stay, you can book a room using the Google Assistant with partners like Choice Hotels, AccorHotels, InterContinental Hotels Group, Priceline, Expedia, Mirai and Travelclick - an Amadeus company.

In the past, iOS users had to download Google Assistant separately from the app store - now, the voice assistant will be built in to an app that over 70% of smartphone owners use. This featire will start first with domestic flights with United Airlines in the US.

Google regularly updates its Assistant in an effort to make it smarter and more helpful.

The tech giant has unveiled an "interpreter mode" for its voice-controlled speakers that allow two people speaking different languages to hold conversations in real time.

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